Oilfield Production Chemicals (JAKARTA)

Oilfield Production Chemicals (JAKARTA)


  • 08 Aug 2016-11 Aug 2016
  • 19 Sep 2016-22 Sep 2016
  • 17 Oct 2016-20 Oct 2016
  • 07 Nov 2016-10 Nov 2016
  • 13 Dec 2016-16 Dec 2016

3 Days

Jakarta (Hotel  Ibis Arcadia/Hotel Harris Tebet/Hotel  Oak Tree/Setiabudi Building 2)


  1. Rp 8.500.000/person (full fare)  or
  2. Rp 8.250.000/person (early bird, payment 1 week before training)  or
  3. Rp 7.950.000/person (if there are 3 or more participants from the same company)

Chemicals treatments are essential to obtain qualified product of oil and gas activities. Using proper chemicals with correct system will improve efficiency of Oil and Gas activities. This course focuses on those products that commonly used at oilfield production. Emphasis will be placed on field cases and troubleshooting instead of theoretical aspect.

Upon completion, participants will gained an understanding of oilfield production chemicals application, have more ideas to self problem solving related to oilfield chemicals treatment and know how to reduce chemical cost by improve chemicals performance.


  1. Introduction To Oilfield Chemicals
    • Introduction To Oil and Gas
      • History
      • Subsurface
      • Surface
      • Refinery
    • Crude Oil Characteristic
    • Physical Properties
      • Chemical Properties
    • Oilfield Production Chemicals
      • Oil Treatment
      • Water Treatment
      • Gas Treatment
    • Methods of Chemicals Treatment
      • Continuous
      • Batching
    • HSE
      • MSDS
      • Hazard Sign
  2. Emulsion Treatment
    • Emulsion
      • Water in Oil
      • Oil in Water
      • Monitoring
    • Water in Oil Treatment
      • General Treatment
      • Chemical Treatment (Demulsifier)
        • Demulsifier Properties
        • Bottle Test Demulsifier
      • Field Cases
    • Oil in Water Treatment
      • General Treatment
      • Chemical Treatment (Deoiler)
        • Deoiler Properties
        • Bottle Test Deoiler
      • Field Cases
  3. Oilfield Corrosion
    • Corrosion at Oilfield
      • Source of Corrosion
      • Types of Corrosion
      • Monitoring
    • Corrosion Control
      • General Treatment
      • Chemical Treatment
        • Corrosion Inhibitor
        • Oxygen Scavenger
        • Biocide
        • H2S Scavenger
      • Field Cases
  4. Oilfield Deposit (Scale And Wax)
    • Deposit at Oilfield
      • Source of Deposit
      • Types of Deposit
      • Monitoring
    • Deposit Control
      • General Treatment
      • Chemical Treatment
        • Scale Treatment
          • Scale Inhibitor
          • Scale Removal
        • Wax Treatment
          • Pour Point Depressant
          • Flow Improvers
          • Paraffin Solvent
      • Field Cases

The course aimed to provide a common understanding of oilfield production chemicals for production engineer, facility engineer, chemical engineer, chemist, oilfield service chemicals personnel and also for anyone who put concern of chemicals performance at oilfield.


  1. Training Module
  2. Flashdisk contain training material
  3. Certificate
  4. NoteBook and Ballpoint
  5. T-Shirt
  6. Backpack
  7. Training Foto
  8. Training room with full ac facilities and multimedia
  9. Lunch and twice coffee break everyday of training
  10. Qualified Instructor
  11. Transportation from hotel of participants to hotel of training VV (if minimal participants from the same company is 4 )

Bony Budiman
Bony Budiman is currently a Technical and R&D Manager at an oilfield chemicals company. A company that serve chemicals for oilfield industries all around Indonesia. He has more than 12 years experience at chemical company with more than 6 years extensively at oilfield chemicals. He has visited many oilfields all around Indonesia, onshore and offshore. He has been involved from research new chemicals until implement in the field. Troubleshooting of chemicals treatment is one of his specializations. He is a regular trainer for new engineer at his company and also frequent conducting training for Oil and Gas employees such as for Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Medco E&P, Pertamina EP, CNOOC, CITIC Seram, Kondur Petroleum, Star Energy, etc. He was graduated from Institute Technology of Bandung for B.Sc degree (Chemistry) and gained his master degree from University of Indonesia majoring Material Science.


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