Oil Pollution (YOGYAKARTA)

Oil Pollution (YOGYAKARTA)


  • 29 Okt 2019-01 Nop 2019
  • 05 Nop 2019-08 Nop 2019
  • 02 Des 2019-05 Des 2019

4 Days

Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta plaza hotel/Ibis hotel yogyakarta/Ibis Styles yogyakarta hotel/Mutiara hotel/ Melia Purosani hotel)


  1. Rp. 8.500.000/person (full fare) or
  2. Rp. 8.250.000/person (early bird, payment 1 week before training) or
  3. Rp. 7.950.000/person (if there are 3 persons or more from the same company)


  1. Overview of  Marine Oil Spill: Sources  of Spill ; Responses ; The effects; Litigation ( Study from Tanker Accident : MT Exxon Valdes; MT Torrey Canyon; MT Athos.) ;
  2. IMO and its Committees relate to Marine Pollution.
  3. Marine Pollution Prevention. Regulation on Marine Pollution ; Marpol 73/78; OPA. Definitions; Oil Record Book; IOPPC; Survey; Equipment; Oil Discharge Requirements;
  4. Fate of Oil Spills in the Marine Environment; Types of Oil; Properties; Behavior; Spreading; Evaporation.
  5. Effect of Oil on Marine and Coastal Resources; Ecological Effects; etc.
  6. Site and Responder  Safety; Safety and Health consideration.
  7. Response Planning; Situation Evaluation and Response Options; Environment Consideration; Surveillance. Containment and Recovery of Oil; Booms & Booming Techniques;  Deployemen techniques in Tidal River, channel and estRecovery devices; Recovery system; Sorbents.: Requirement; Performances; Applications;  Recovery; Storage. Sampling Techniques.
  8. Chemical Dispersion. Application techniques; Precaution; Conclusion.
  9. Shore-Line Clean Up; Method; Final Cleaning; Organization and management of work forces; On Land Oil Spill; Disposal Techniques for Oiled Soil.
  10. Waste Storage & Disposal.; Disposal method; Direct disposal; Burial; Destruction; Incineration.


  1. Training Module
  2. Flashdisk Contains training material
  3. Certificate
  4. Stationeries: NoteBook and Ballpoint
  5. T-Shirt
  6. Ransel
  7. Training Photo
  8. Training room with full AC facilities and multimedia
  9. Once lunch and twice coffeebreak every day of training
  10. Qualified instructor
  11. Transportation for participants from hotel of participants to/from hotel of training (if minimal number of participants from one company is 4 persons

Triyanto, Capt. R.I. M.Mar
Capt. R.I. Triyanto, M.Mar  is an expert who was a lecturer at Marine Academy AKPELNI in Semarang. He is Instructor for Semarang Growth Centre, until at present, lecturing for Pelindo Pilot; Migas Mooring Master; Deep Sea Pilot; Ship Handling Simulator; Liquid Cargo Handling; Offshore Operations ; Maritime English; Crowd and Crisis Management; GMDSS; Radar Arpa; Safety, Survival etc.

Experience in Marine & Oil Terminal/ Port operation as Person in Charge in the port operation and facilities, Head of Marine and Terminal Product Movement, Act Superintendent, such responsible for Marine & Terminal Installation, maintenance and operation; Ship shore – Shore Loading Procedure; Oil and gas processing; Calibration such equipment; Co-work with official government.

Mooring Master/ Head of Mooring Master at Unocal (Indonesian–American Oil Company) at Santan Terminal. Master of various Ocean going vessels, (Bulk, Cargo, Tanker) from various national and foreign company, Indonesian and foreign flag vessels , running for Japan, Europe ,Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, South Asia, until 1979.


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