Accredited Supply Chain Professional

Accredited Supply Chain Professional

11 – 13 November 2019
9 – 11 December 2019


This program describes an international supply chain operation management as a result of increasing integration of all functions that demand supply chain professionals must be aware of the impact that logistical decision-making has on other elements of the firm’s strategic and global goals and

Supply chain management professional must have thorough awareness of the changes in and increased use of technology, emphasis on strategic planning, and supply chain integration as a competitive imperative, and the practice of supply chain as a professional discipline. Participants will be expected to gain a working understanding of how to identify reference and implement logistics management and control policies, standards and related supply chain and logistics operation standards.

In reference to standard operation, the objective is to learn how to identify and interpret the requirements of the standards and implement the standards in the logistics process, and wider in supply chain management process. Each class session will include discussion on supply chain management global challenges, the role of global supply chain management in the world market channels, and issues that participants should be familiar with.

Program Objectives
At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:
• Understand the key concepts of supply chain management
• Identify and interpret the requirements of the standards
• Implement the standards in the supply chain and logistics process
• Understand the important role of global supply chain management in world market channels
• Be aware of rising issues impacting the supply chain process

Target Audience
This program is specially designed for those who are interested to hone their skills in Supply Chain Management area. This program will award ASCP certification to the successful participant in order to gain expertise and reputation in the supply chain area.

The program is a 3-day intensive training class.

Upon successful completion of the program, the participants will be awarded with Accredited Supply Chain Professional certification, if the participants passed the passing grade. The certificate is valid for three (3) years.

Method of Delivery
This program will apply different methods of delivery to ensure the optimum absorption of the material, such as interactive lectures, group discussion and presentation, case study analysis, and paper-based exam.

Program Modules
• Supply Chain Planning
• Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chain Design
• Humanitarian Logistics
• Real Options for Product & System Design of Supply Chain Services
• Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization of Supply Chain Management
• Risk and Decision Analysis in Supply Chain Management
• Global Strategy & Global Supply Chain Management
• Industry Globalization Drivers’ Implications for Supply Chains
• Global Supply Chain Infrastructure
• Logistics in Global Supply Chains
• Purchasing in Global Supply Chains
• Operations in Global Supply Chains
• Market Channels in Global Supply Chains
• Managing Global Supply Chains

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