Supply Chain Management For Mining and Gas (YOGYAKARTA)

Supply Chain Management For Mining and Gas (YOGYAKARTA)

•    10 – 12 Februari 2015
•    10 – 12 Maret 2015
•    14 – 16 April 2015


08.30-16.00 WIB

Yogyakarta >> IDR 6.500.000,- (Non-Residential) | Minimal kuota 3 peserta| Diskon untuk pengiriman 3 peserta dari perusahaan yang sama

Supply chaininthe miningandoil and gasindustryhas aspecificityin the form ofnetworksandactivitiesstarting frommining, production/refiningandproductdistribution.  The integration of each function involving various types of companies in the oil and gas industry holds the key to success in minimizing the overall supply chain costs. Competition there is now demanding mining and oil and gas companies to not only focus on internal capabilities, but also focuses on collaboration with external parties, both suppliers and distributors.

This collaboration will help companies to be able to produce products that meet the criteria of cost, quality and delivery that excel in the market. Role of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is very important in managing the whole set of activities to produce products ranging from upstream to downstream.

As a company that is playing on the world market of course the company should have a good network of SCM in managing production. The Company will establish cooperation with suppliers both from within and outside the country. To that end, the industry must make a plan, management and oversight for the transport and storage of raw materials, inventory to be finished material.

All sophisticatedtechnologyallowsplayerstocontrol theoil and gasindustrysupply chainefficiently. In order forthe industry playersinvolvedreally understandthe working principles ofSCMin a comprehensive manner, theneed fortrainingthat is expected toaddress issuesthat arise.

1. Pengantar supply chain management di industry Pertambangan dan Migas:
•    Konsep SCM di Pertambangan dan Migas
•    Lingkungan bisnis SCM di Pertambangan dan Migas
•    Tantangan supply chain di Pertambangan dan Migas

2. Memahami supply chain di industri Pertambangan dan Migas
•    Mapping Supply chain
•    Value chain model
•    Pelaku upstream dan downstream

3. Strategy Supply chain management
•    Identifikasi fit strategy
•    Strategi kolaborasi dan aliansi dalam SCM

4. Tehcnology & supply chain
•    Memahami bagaimana pilihan IT yang diterapkan akan mempengaruhi supply chain.
•    Pilihan teknologi integrasi (ERP)
•    VMI (Vendor managed Inventory)

5. Bull whip effect and inventory management dalam SCM
•    Menjelaskan bagaimana mengelola inventory dalam jaringan SCM dan menghindari bullwhip effect dalam distribusi produk
•    Manajemen Inventory : Klasifikasi inventory, Inventory cost, model pemesanan ekonomis,perhitungan safety stock, inventory valuation, inventory metric.

6. Manajemen transportasi dan distribusi
•    Model sistem transportasi dan distribusi dan Rincian aktivitas sistem

7. Transportasi.
•    Mengukur produktivitas sistem transportasi.
•    Logistics network design.
•    Shipment planning and management.
•    Fleet, container and yard management.
•    Freight and document management.

8. Pengukuran Performansi SCM
•    Mengukur target perusahaan dan target SCM
•    Performance measurement framework
•    Key performance Indicator
•    SCOR (Supply Chain Operation Reference) dari Supply Chain Council

9. Studi kasus aplikasi SCM di Pertambangan dan Migas

This training is intended for supply chain management professionals in the mining and oil and gas from various functions or departments either for managers, supervisors, staff from the departments of production, logistics, warehousing, inventory and procurement, marketing and sales as well as from other related functions.

Presentation; Discussion; Case Study;Evaluation; Pre test & Post Test

Hotel Berbintang; Sertifikat Training; Training Kit; Modul (Hard Copy + Soft Copy); 1x Lunch dan 2x Coffe Break; Souvenir; Transportasi Antar Jemput (minimal 2 orang dari perusahaan yang sama)


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