19-20 Agustus 2008
09:00 – 16:00


Rp. 2.500.000,-
(termasuk hard & soft copy materi, Sertifikat, Lunch & Coffee Break, souvenir, Seminar Kit)

How can you resolve conflicts, delegate critical tasks more effeciently, energize employees and transform resistance into support?
Be the catalyst that motivates your teams to heightened productivity! Utilizing extensive practice in the principles of emotional intelligence, Successfully Managing People underscores the importance of self-awareness in developing sensitivity and increased communication effectiveness with others. You’ll leave this two-day seminar well versed in the most effective methods for dealing with difficult people winning cooperation and trust and ensuring that your people’s values and your organization’s goals are in sync.

1. Motivate and direct the employees you rely on—even when they don’t share your values
2. Adjust your management and personal style to the needs of different situations
3. Get more done by using the appropriate delegation techniques for any given situation
4. Resolve conflict more effectively in a wide variety of situations
5. Turn difficult people and poor performers into team players
6. Win the cooperation and trust from everyone in your organization
7. Increase your confidence, leadership skills and personal and professional satisfaction in your job

1. The Experience of Being a Manager
– How to get people to want to do what they’re supposed to do
– Specific challenges you face when motivating others
2. Values
– Values and their impact on work life
– How values can have productive and nonproductive results
– Identify value conflicts
3. Personal Styles
– Determine your own personal style profile
– Gain insight into the strengths and limitations of your profile
– Use behavioral clues to determine others’ personal styles
– How to work more effectively with others
4. Motivation
– Motivational factors and their impact on behaviors and work settings
– How to tailor your motivational efforts to individual employees and situations
5. Listening, Body Language, Giving Feedback and Dealing with Difficult People
– Use active listening to gain information and understand employees’ perspectives
– Apply positive and corrective feedback
– Use appropriate values alignment when dealing with difficult employees
6. Conflict
– The dimensions of conflict management
– Identify your own preferred conflict resolution styles
– Analyze conflict-management techniques
7. Delegation
– Different delegation styles: how and when to use them
– Determine the appropriate delegation strategies for employees and situations
8. Understanding Organizational Culture and Subculture
– The impact of organizational culture and subculture and “cultural blinders”
– Explore the assumptions that impact your team’s thinking and actions
– Identify and build on the strengths of your team’s culture
9. Emotional Intelligence
– The components of emotional intelligence
– Gain an honest and accurate assessment of yourself
– Develop an improvement strategy
10. Ethical Leadership
– Identify your group’s values
– Your vision for ethical leadership
11. Action Planning
– Develop a specific plan for applying what you’ve learned back on the job
– Identify people who can support your plans

Managers and individuals with management responsibilities whose success depends on clear communication, a cooperative attitude and commitment to shared goals

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