Masterful Coaching for Leaders

Masterful Coaching for Leaders

The background of the workshop.
The workshop is based on Robert Hargrove hands on experiences in the last 20 years as a coach for various 500 Fortune Companies; he was also the former director of the Harvard Leadership Project.

Who will get the benefits from the workshop.
First Line Managers/ Supervisors, Middle Managers, Senior Managers as well as HR and Training Professionals.

The objectives of the workshop.
To assist leaders on becoming a better coach.

The content of the workshop.

  • Every leader is a coach, every person a businessperson.
  • Creating the opening for coaching.
  • Your personal coaching contract.
  • Getting in shape for coaching.
  • The six – cap coaching system.
  • Develop your coaching mission and a teachable point of view.
  • Invest in relationships.
  • Plan stretch goals collaboratively.
  • Forward the action.
  • Provide feedback and learning.

Training methodology.
We subscribe to 3 core adult learning methodologies :

1. Experiential learning
– a process where the participant constructs knowledge, skills and values from direct experiences. This philosophy is based on the belief that adults learn best by direct and purposeful contact with their learning experiences. It is interactive and encourages learners to discover knowledge rather than be informed. Such learning experiences are realistic – physically active, cognitively meaningful and effectively engaging.

2. Self-profiling instruments – which provide a range of input and data of an individual’s perception on self. These instruments help individuals to understand themselves and others better in relation to workplace situations and experiences. With this increased understanding and awareness, it will lead to better relationship and performance.

3. Adult learning principles – which allow the participants to engage in personal reflection and group sharing, in order to facilitate learning. These sessions complement the experiential aspect of learning by linking the participants’ experiences to workplace situations.

Number of participants.

The class size is limited to 16 participants.


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