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Making Transition To Management

Making Transition To Management

Set the stage for a successful management career!
This seminar will help you lay the foundation for your management career and provide you with easy-to-apply tools you need to make a successful transition into your new role. In just two days you will gain the practical know-how you need— and the con?dence you want—to plan, organize, coach, motivate, delegate and communicate in order to be an effective new manager.


  1. Let go of your former role and identify what makes managers really effective
  2. Build credibility and trust among your direct reports, your peers and your own manager
  3. Clarify your key responsibilities and identify the interpersonal skills you need for success
  4. Create an atmosphere for open communication
  5. Develop a ?exible work style to manage with greater success
  6. Master the basics of coaching, communication, motivation, delegation and performance management


  1. The Challenges of Making the Transition
    • Build successful relationships with managers, former colleagues, peers and direct reports
    • Know what is expected of a manager
  2. Flexible Management Style
    • Understand and use style as a management tool
    • Learn how to “?ex” your management style to manage with more con? dence
  3. Communication and Feedback
    • How to listen at a new level: internal listening vs. focused listening
    • Effective/corrective feedback and when to use them
  4. Performance Management
    • How to align organizational interests with the individual’s interests
    • Create an ongoing process to interact, communicate, provide feedback, coach, delegate, motivate and set goals for direct reports Constructive criticism techniques
  5. Coaching
    • Understand the who, what, when and why of coaching
    • The two types of coaching; knowing when and how to coach an employee
  6. Delegation
    • What to and what not to delegate
    • Delegating techniques to achieve win-win outcomes
    • Exercise and self-assessment
  7. Setting Goals
    • The difference between vision and goals
    • How to set SMART goals
  8. Motivation
    • Recognition, encouragement and productivity
    • How to motivate and create a positive work environment
    • Self-assessment exercise and personal action plan
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Newly appointed or prospective managers with less than one year of management experience


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