Living The Warrior Ways

Living The Warrior Ways

After this workshop, participants are expected to:

  • To have a better understanding about their life purpose
  • To have a better relationship with God, Family, Peer and Above, and Themselves
  • To have the most important life skill, SALESMANSHIP, without being a salesman

ANTON KARYA – Holds a Bachelor Degree in IT from Bina Nusantara University , Jakarta . He had more than 12 Years experienced in Sales Fields and still keep in going to do what he love to do, SALES, in order to give an ALWAYS FRESH experiences to share. Currently, Anton still work as Business Development Director of PT. Chriscomm Network Indonesia , a content master for Mobile Technology. He also loves to share all of his experiences and knowledge of RELATIONSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SALESMANSHIP and MOTIVATION from his deepest heart, and still doing it since year 2004.


  • Games
  • Presentation
  • Discussion and Group Counseling
  • Entertainments (Singing & watch movies)
  • Contemplation

It is valuable to all level who feels that present life is much difficult.

A.Priority Reality
1. Check Up Your Reality
•Most people don’t really aware about the reality of their own life. They will find the reality by looking up the CHECKLIST of REALITY to find out theirs.

2. Put the right number of Priority
• With the right priority, people will learn why they cannot achieve TOTAL SUCCESS for the most of their life.

B. Relationship Does Matter
1. Relationship You + God
• Find out your really true purpose of life and drive by it so you can live in peacefully.

2. Relationship You + Family
• Family is the most important thing in your life as your supporter for success. Learn how to Master your communication to your family to have a happily ever after life stories.

3.Relationship You + Peer & Above
• Learn about how to know and act better on Networking and Teamwork to get into the heart of your peer and above. You will keep them for a lifetime connections..

4. Relationship You + Yourself
• Make peace with yourself, find out your own mental blocked and BREAK IT!!! Start to make your new Life Purpose Driven Dream and have a unlimited power to get them for the rest of your life.

C. Surviving Mastery of Warrior
1. Strengthen Your Salesmanship Skill
• This will give Warrior to have an essential skill about how to survive in this world. Learn about Salesmanship Skill and why it’s essential.

2. Eat Right, Move Right
• Learn about Food, Nutrition and The Right and Timesaving exercise to have a good and healthy body image

3. A Glance To Wealth
• Learning about Universe Laws for achieving abundance life, how to master asset and liability management to have a stress free life.


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