The Leadership Code is a research-based synthesis of the critical knowledge, skills, and attributes essential for effective leadership. It draws on interviews with renowed leadership theorist, researchers, and consultants, who together have written over 60 books and thousands of articles, and administered over two million leadership 360’ assessments.

The Leadership Code goes beyong providing endless list of individual competencies possessed by the world’s most successful leaders by providing a unifying, contextual framework that translates the complex to the simple, the mundane to the meaningful, and the abstract to the actionable.

GML Performance Consulting along with Knowcap Event Organizer present:


Becoming A Better Leader

August 7-8, 2018 Jakarta

Darryl Wee, Managing Director South East Asia RBL Group
He has more than 20 years experience in Busines Consulting, HR, and Leading Organizational Change. His specialty areas are in Leadership, Strategic HAR, and Organizational Transformation.

Agenda day 1

  • Introduction to leadership & RBL
  • What makes a great leader?
    • Effective leaders exercise
    • Effective leadership = attributes x results
    • The Leadership code: Becoming a code expert
    • Leadership jeopardy and conclusions
    • Strongest and weakest domains
    • Stakeholder results and personal career goals
  • Personal proficiency: Personal Leadership Brand
    • Leadership point-of-view
    • Personal leader brand
  • Executor: I Ensure Accountability
    • Goals, measures, consequences, and feedback
    • Moneyball movie case study
    • Feedback triad
    • Establishing accountability plan

Agenda day 2

  • Talent Manager: I Strengthen Competency
    • Listening
    • REAP
    • They lead and you lead the situations
    • ABC players
    • Coach the difficult employee
    • Set up a you lead situation
  • Strategist: I Have A-Point-of-View about the future
    • Who are our most important stakeholders?
    • Are we keeping our promises?
    • STEPED and exercise
    • Need for a-point-of-view
    • Trends at work
  • Human Capital Developer: I Helped People Manage Their Careers
    • Case study
    • Career development stages
    • What explains growth
    • Development helps and hinders
    • My career development stage
    • Career conversations using REAP
    • Holding a career conversation
    • Career conversation challenge
  • Action planning
    • Review
    • Action planning
    • START ME
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RBL Group White Paper Series: Cracking The Leadership Code: A Journey through Leadership

Tools day 1:
Why leadership matters, results-based Leadership: Leadership Code, Leadership point-of-view, Personal Leader Brand, Accountibility model, More of/less of grid, feedback model.

Tools day 2:

  • Levels of listening, REAP; Stakeholders, STEPED; Career development stages; Action plan, START ME
  • Participant kits
  • Certificate

Target audience
C- level business leaders and Board of Directors who are commited to build stronger organization, HR Professionals who spend time defining and improving organization.

IDR 12,000,000 + VAT 10%

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