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  1. Success Secrets Of The World’s Greatest Sales People
  2. What You Must Know To Sell Successfully To TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  3. Understand The Sales Cycle To TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  4. How To Get Good Quality Leads and References To TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  5. Practical Ideas To Impress Your Prospective Customers To TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  6. Telephone Prospecting Techniques That Really Work
  7. How To Make A Great Sales Presentation To TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  8. Techniques To Overcome Objections Effectively To TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  9. Power Closing Techniques To Get The Order And TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  10. SELLING WITH EMPATHY – How To Sell More By Understanding The Character Of Your Customer
  11. SELLING BY ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS – Questioning And Listening Techniques To Get The Order
  12. Power Networking Skills To TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  13. The Power Of Friendship Selling


  1. How To Manage A Champion Sales Team To TRIPLE YOUR SALES!
  2. Professional And Effective Sales Coaching
  3. How To Conduct Effective And Benefit Routine Sales Meetings
  4. The Truth About Leading People


  1. Success Begins From Within “Motivation To Succeed In Difficult Conditions”
  2. Change To Succeed, Succeed To Change
  3. Go For Goals! Goal-Setting Techniques For Success
  4. How To Be A Star Employee At Work
  5. Effective Time Management
  6. Speak With Confidence-Power Business Presentation Techniques For Executives AndManagers
  7. Win-Win Negotiation Techniques For Sales, Purchasing And Other Situations
  8. Creative Thinking Skills For All Situations
  9. Power Business Networking For Executives
  10. Assertive, Influencing & Communication Skills
  11. Effective Interpersonal Skills


  1. Customer Service Excellence For Front Line Staff
  2. Customer Service Excellence For Back Office Staff
  3. Handling Complaints Professionally – How To Turn Angry Customers Into Loyal Customers
  4. Professional Telephone Skills And Customer Service


  1. Critical Skills For Managers And Supervisors
  2. Leadership Training For Managers And Supervisors
  3. The Truth About Leading People
  4. Transformational Leadership
  5. Managing In A Demanding Work Environment
  6. Management By Empowerment – How To Empower Effectively & Successfully
  7. Effective Delegation Skill For Great Results
  8. The Essence Of Organizational Success
  9. Implementing Professional Management In Family Businesses
  10. Effective Supervisory Skills
  11. Customer Centric Management
  12. Successful Team Building – How To Manage & Motivate A Winning Team
  13. Working Effectively In A High Performing Team
  14. High Energy, High Motivation – How To Create A Great Workplace
  15. 8 Step To Design A Great Business Plan
  16. How To Successfully Initiate, Manage & Implement Change
  17. Coaching Skills For Managers & Supervisors
  18. How To Motivate, Coach, Counsel & Discipline Your People
  19. How To Conduct A Successful Meeting In Half The Time
  20. Creative Problem Solving And Decision Making


  1. General Marketing Overview
  2. Managing Channels of Distribution
  3. Ideas To Develop Win-Win Relationship Between Principal & Distributor
  4. Creative & Innovative Marketing Mix
  5. Customer Relationship Management – The Why’s, What’s and How’s
  6. How To Develop An Effective Market Penetration Strategy
  7. The New Paradigm ion Marketing – Experiential Marketing


  1. How To Become A More Creative & Effective Trainer
  2. How To Conduct Training Needs Analysis To Maximize ROI In Training

Seminar Leader  :
James Gwee T.H.,MBA
James Gwee T.H.,MBA is the Director of Academia Education & Training His specialty lies in Customer Service Excellence, Leadership, Salesmanship,
Team Building, Managerial Skills, Effective Time Management.

He is also a business consultant James’ dynamic, friendly and informal approach
immediately creates a relaxed atmosphere conducive to interactive learning. His unique combination of Bahasa Indonesia and English, so full spontaneity
and humor makes his training a truly enjoyable learning experience.

Benefits from In-House Training Package

  1. Training outline can be customize to meet your company’s specific needs
  2. Group discussion and role playing can be customize to address specific problems faced by your staff at work
  3. All staff undergo the same training, therefore all have the same concept and change can be more easily implemented and improvements are immediate
  4. Day and time to suit staffs’ working hours or company “lax” time
  5. Improves “espirit – de corps” among team members
  6. More economical

To be provided by your company

  1. Minimum for half day training
  2. Training room (include OHP/INFOCUS, Flip Chart, Marker, cordless )
  3. Snacks & meals for participants
  4. The Layout training room is Round Table Style or Cluster
  5. Fee Trainer (excluding tax 10 %)
  6. Participant maximal 50 persons
  7. Training Fee including handout & Certificate for 50 person, after 50 persons will be charged : Handout @Rp.12.500,-/set & Certificate @Rp. 7.500,-/pcs )
  8. Latest confirmation 2 weeks in advance ( after we set up the date, written)
  9. Accommodation & Transportation (PP) Business Class
  10. 1 Table Stand for Academia
  11. For out of town training, if the training held less than 1 (one) day there will be additional out of town charge of Rp. 7.500.000,- / day
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