Developing HC strategy for organization is significantly more important nowadays. Business competition demands quicker and more adaptable HR Strategy to support and enable the business, not only to grow but also to sustain the organization. Many organization have started the journey to develop an HC Strategy, but many also have failed.

HR Diagnostic helps organization to develop HC Strategy that aligns with both organization’s strategy and goals buat also existing internal capability of the HC functions. Understanding the gaps of HC internal capabilities to support organization strategy and goals is a critical factor to design a sound of HC strategy.

GML Performance Consulting along with Knowcap Event Organizer present:


August 7-8, 2018 (Jakarta)

Merilla A. Pramita, Head of HR Consulting PT. GML Performance Consulting

Agenda day 1

  • Introduction to HC Value Chain
  • What is HC Diagnostic?
  • Strategic Process: HC Strategy & Policy
  • HC Diagnostic for Strategic Processes
  • Diagnostic Core Processes:
    o Attract & Select
    o Managing Productivity
    o Managing Talent
    o Reward &Retain
  • HC Diagnostic for Core Processes

Agenda day 2

  • Supporting Processing: Managing Information
  • HC Diagnostic for Supporting Processes
  • How to prevent bias in HC Diagnostics effectively
  • Focus Group Discussion for each HC Blueprint elements
  • Action Plan HC Process
  • Develop HC Blueprint
  • Indicators in HC Blueprint
  • Develop action plan for HC Processes
  • Presentation HC Blueprint results


  • HC Diagnostic tools for HC Core Processes
  • HC Diagnostic tools for HC Supporting Processes
  • Participant kits
  • Certificate

Target audience
C- level business leaders and Board of Directors who are commited to build stronger organization, HR Professionals who spend time defining and improving organization.

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IDR 8,500,000 + VAT 10%


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