Designing Powerfull Knowledge Management In Building Learning Organization (JAKARTA)

Designing Powerfull Knowledge Management In Building Learning Organization (JAKARTA)

16-17 Desember 2016

The Aryaduta Suites Hotel Semanggi/ Grand Flora Hotel*

Rp. 5.145.000    Full Fare
Rp. 4.750.000    On The Spot
Rp. 4.300.000    Early Bird
Rp. 4.050.000    Group

“Deliver more, and do it with less resource”
Isn’t that the productivity challenge that everyone in business is facing today?
A key way to achieve this is by sharing know-how – by using and adapting what someone else has already learned. Many people know instinctively they should be doing this, but struggle to know how to get started.

The record of what we know at a single point in time, now. Our world continues to change, and we continue to learn. We look forward to hearing what you learn through the experience of reading, and most importantly applying, what follows in the Knowledge Management.


  • To know how to design the knowledge management blueprint this will align with company vision, mission and values.
  • To know the basic of knowledge management and its practices, how to capture, share and applying in order to support company growth.
  • To develop the participants’ knowledge management competencies which will support the learning activities planned in the company. This means to enable the participants to support management teams, in the knowledge management role.

General Information:
This 2-day program will be delivered in a combination between lecturer and role-plays – exercises for 16 effective teaching hours.


  1. Understand and define your company needs toward KM
  2. What is Knowledge Management?
  3. The holistic model – it’s more than the sum of the parts
  4. Getting the environment right
  5. Getting started – Just do it


  1. Design the KM Blue print and step-by-step process
  2. Learning from your peers – somebody has already done it
  3. Learning whilst doing – time to reflect
  4. Learning after doing – when it’s all over
  5. Finding the right people – if only I knew who
  6. Networking & Communities of practice
  7. Leveraging what we’ve learned – capturing knowledge
  8. Implement KM and its attributes
  9. Maintain and continuous improvement of KM
  10. Moving along the KM Performance Curve
  11. Communicating the value of KM
  12. KM and Change Management
  13. KM Best Practices

Workshop Leader
Pungki Purnadi, MM.
Memiliki sertifikasi HR Management dari Filipina dan telah memiliki pengalaman sebagai profesional HR di  beberapa industri selama lebih dari 20 tahun. Selama karirnya di HR berbagai posisi pernah diembannya seperti Head of Training & Develoment, Head of Corporate Man Power Planing, Head of Corporate Career Development , Head of Corporate Organisation Development and Studies, HRD Manager, serta Senior Human Capital Manager .  Termasuk di dalamnya beberapa penugasan International dan regional.

Pengalaman yang lengkap di dunia praktek HR ini di-‘genap’-kan dengan pengalamannya sebagai trainer dan HR consultant untuk berbagai industri seperti  tobaccos, power plant, telecommunication, pulp & paper dan tourism.?

Pungki Purnadi juga adalah salah satu penggagas Sertifikasi Bidang SDM di universitas Atmajaya Jakarta dengan program Certified Human Resources Professional nya (CHRP).


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