Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS)

Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS)

Owners/Companies and Contractors/Business Partners need to provide workplaces are healthy, safely and environmental friendly, and also to protect the health and safety of their workforces as well as the public around workplaces area. When they work together to improve the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE/SHE/EHS/HES) of Contractors/Business Partners, both benefit. Benefits that come from a comprehensive Contractor Safety / HSE Management System include the following:

  1. HSE and well-being of Contractor/Business Partner and Owner/Company employees could be increased
  2. The potential for damage to the Owner/Company’s facilities and equipment and the Contractor/Business Partner’s facilities and equipment could be minimized
  3. The quality and productivity could be improved because a comprehensive Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) requires (for example) that workers shall be properly trained for their job tasks and familiar with their job requirements
  4. Fewer accidents/incidents result in less need for regulatory action and more controllable project costs.

After attending this interesting and valuable course, the participants will be able to:

  1. Prepare, design and set-up Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) as per Company/Owner requirements and expectations
  2. Conduct properly and on the right way in Contractor selection
  3. Conduct continuous improvement in Safety/HSE performance at workplace by facilitating between Company/Owner and Contractor especially in managing effectively the Safety/HSE Program as per scope of contract
  4. Facilitate relationship between Company/Owner activities and Contractor activities as well as with other Contractors and Sub-Contractors

Everybody or whoever who involve in Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS), such as Contractor Representatives, end users of Company/Owners (Operations Department personnel, Contract Administrator, Services Department personnel, Safety/HSE Department personnel, Procurement personnel, etc.)

1. Introduction to RI Government Safety/HSE Laws and Regulations
2. Basic Principles of Loss Control Management
3. Scope and Guideline of Safety/HSE Policy, Goals and Objectives
4. Structure and Procedure of CSMS
5. Contractor Qualification Stages :
• Risk Assessment (Purpose and Process)
• Pre-Qualification (Purpose and Process)
• Selection (Purpose, Bid Documents Preparation, Pre-Bid and Field Visit, Bid Evaluation, Field/Location Observation, Audit, Award)
• Pre-Job Activities (Purpose and Steps/Stages of Pre-Job Activities)
• Work in Progress (Purpose, Company/Owner’s Management Visits, Competence Assurance, Safety/HSE Inspection and Audit, Safety/HSE Planning, Meetings, Promotions, Communications, Training & Emergency Drills, Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation)
• Final Evaluation and Close Out
6. Implementation Stages at Field/Worksite :
7. Case Study, Safety Films/VCD Display, Group Discussions and Presentations
8. Pre and Post Training Assessment, Course Summary and Evaluation

Presentation, Discuss, Case Study, Evaluation, Simulation

Widarto Sutrisno, ST
, MT  & Team
Staf Pengajar, Trainer & Konsultan dalam bidang Building and Construction, telah menangani bebagai perusahaan baik BUMD, BUMN maupun PMA).



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