Certified Mind Maps Practitioners (JAKARTA)

Certified Mind Maps Practitioners (JAKARTA)

Why use Mind Maps for Business & Life?
Mind Mapping works like a brain neuron, connecting and associating your ideas in a branch-like structure. This enables the user to ‘branch-out’ their ideas and provides them freedom to think flexibly, creatively and analytically.
It is a powerful tool which combines the right and left cortical skills of our brain, mapping our ideas and thinking in a visual diagram which is text and image-based. Working very much in line with how the brain functions, Mind Maps can be applied across a broad range of office tasks such as:

Doing Work ListsGroup BrainstormingDecision MakingProblem Solving
Strategic Planning
Creative Thinking
Training, Education
Meetings, Discussions
Business Process Mapping
Research, Data Collection
Goal Setting, Counselling
Product DevelopmentKnowledge ManagementProject ManagementPresentations
Sales Proposals
Documentation, Recording
Project or Event Planning
Disaster Recovery
Website Planning
Scripting or Copywriting
SWOT Analysis

Yang akan Anda pelajari :

  1. Tools Mind Map untuk Efektifitas Bisnis Anda
  2. Ide-ide Menaikkan Sales dengan Mind Map
  3. Tehnik Speed Reading
  4. Tools Mind Map utk meningkatkan Income
  5. Membuat Summary Laporan untuk pengambilan Keputusan
  6. Mengembangkan Kepercayaan Diri melalui explore potensi dengan Mind Map
  7. Bagaimana Menjadi Pemimpin yang bisa me-leading Team dgn Mind Map
  8. Creative Thinking
  9. Langsung Praktek dengan Laptop menggunakan iMind Map Software ke pekerjaan/binsis kita masing-masing

Why Choose ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor?
We are backed by over 40 years of research and experience in Mind Mapping, Memory Skills, Speed Reading, creative thinking and innovation. We are constantly perfecting our techniques and exploring new ideas, so that we can offer you relevant and powerful training.
Our trainers have been requested by international organisations such as the European Commission, the Petra Nobel Conference of Nobel Laureates, European Parliament,EuropeanAcademyof Direct and Interactive Marketing and various royal families across the globe, to help them apply innovative thinking to their projects.
Our programmes are based on the work of inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan, and Chris Griffiths, ThinkBuzan CEO and bestselling author of GRASP The Solution, which reached number 1 for decision making on Amazon.com and number 2 in the overall business chart on AmazonUK.
Our iMindMap software is used by over 1 million people around the globe and within organisations such as Disney, the BBC, De Beers, NASA, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Oxfam, Sony, Pepsi and the University of Oxford.
Desimon S.Kom,T.LI,C.NLP,C.HT

  • Tony Buzan International Mind Mapping Licensed Instructo
  • Certified International Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified International Hipnotherapy
  • Founder & Director of Prime Education Group
  • Popularize the term “Super Great Memory” in Indonesia
  • Holding hundreds of seminars, workshops & trainings in Management & Brain Skills area.
  • Mind Mapping Practitioner Certified Training

30-31 Juli’16 (09.00-17.00 WIB)
Gedung BPPT-Thamrin,Jakarta
GUARANTEE!! 100% Money Back
Rp 9,000,000
Early Bird untuk 30 pendaftar pertama: Rp 3,500,000

  • Sertifikat Langsung dr Tony Buzan,UK
  • Sofware ‘iMind Map” versi 9 senilai USD 100
  • Lifetime Support- Review Monthly
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